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Meerja Maqbul Baig is the founder of Speedraftaar. His passion for blogging and web development has led to the creation of a platform where free information flows through all networks. His dedication and a keen eye for the latest technological updates, has made Speedraftaar spread its wings and look far beyond than any other blogging site in India.

Maqbul is a graduate from Hyderabad with extensive knowledge in SEO, Google AdWords and Analytics along with link building and other SEO and web development-related tools. In addition to this, his tech-savvy nature and an enthusiasm for learning have pushed him to make his mark in the tech world of India by being part of the SEO team of many consultants like Zaha Web Consultants, Xpedient Digital, Illusionz Media and many more. Under Maqbul’s leadership and vision, Web design Karimnagar and Speedraftaar came into being that changed India’s web development and the creative writing scene completely. Moreover, his passion for helping others is extended to young entrepreneurs and aspiring bloggers as well. Maqbul’s extensive knowledge and his patience allow his young students to gain valuable information which in turns help them grow and maintain their work!

His latest project, Speedraftaar Informative LLP is a unique platform which is based on an accumulation of extensive research and experience. His passion and the vigour to help others is well projected in Speedraftaar. Maqbul hopes that all types of information will be freely accessible to everyone all over India. He aims to make sure Speedraftaar remains India #1 gateway to free and easily accessible information and all current news.

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