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Speedraftaar is India’s #1 gateway to a wealth of news and educational knowledge. Speedraftaar is a news and educational blog that brings its viewers the best and quickest information in all of India. We are at the forefront of information technology. The blog shares updated material related to on-going news and education in just a few clicks. If you are looking for a place to get the latest updates related to jobs, entry tests and news in general, then you are at the perfect spot! We at Speedraftaar cater to all your educational needs from the answer keys of important tests to the result announcement news! Speedraftaar gives you an opportunity to find your desired information in just a few clicks.

We ensure simplicity and authenticity. Speedraftaar aims to provide its readers world related news, recreational and entertainment news, educational information along with updates on the latest tech on a regular basis. The best thing is, everything is absolutely free and accessible to all!

Speedraftaar Informative LLP was launched on the 25th of June 2019. Its founder, Meerja Maqbul Baig, is a passionate blogger and a professional web developer who started out the blog as a way to reach out to society and lend a helping hand. His love for the latest technology and blogging has been projected well within Speedraftaar itself. Speedraftaar has the privilege of having two more co-founders, MD Abdul and Mohammad Ashwaq. Two brilliant creative content and web developers. The founders have been into the blogging and web development sectors for years before they decided to come up with a blog site which would ease the troubles of many Indians when looking out for jobs and students who find it difficult to scan through tons of sites before they find the right ones to help them out. The co-founders’ creative flair along with Meerja’s background in IT development has propelled Speedraftaar to great heights in just a short period of time.

Our mission is to provide you with the best available knowledge and in the quickest manner possible. Speedraftaar makes it easier for our readers to navigate through the website, saving their time and money. We aim to provide a vast range of content which is authentic and up to date without fail. We at Speedraftaar are passionate about sharing knowledge with viewers, thus we ensure that this fountain of knowledge never dries up! Our sole aim is to ease the lives of hardworking students and job seekers who spend a great deal of resources into achieving their goals. The founders work tirelessly to make Speedraftaar a unique hub of knowledge for the Indian people where information is abundant and easy to understand. Speedraftaar hopes that someday all types of information will be free and easily accessible everywhere in India. We aim to reinvigorate and encourage learning and struggle in the Indian population to propel the nation to success! We hope you take as much advantage as possible from us. Don’t forget to bookmark the website to keep up with the latest updates and learn more!